Protecsol 649l data sheet

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Protecsol 649l data sheet

01 Danger Manufacturer Address PROSOCO, Inc. 3741 Greenway Circle Lawrence, Kansas 66046 Appearance clear Physical state Liquid Odor Pungent TarasafeTM is a range of slip resistant sheet flooring that complies with HSE guidelines, constructed from vinyl protecsol with deeply. Taraflex™ Surface. SAFETY DATA SHEET PROSOCO, Inc. Product description and technical data sheet available in various languages. Protecsol® Control Sparclean.

Ideal for rolling 649l protecsol sheet sports Protecsol® Surface Treatment Sanosol® Antimicrobial 649l Treatment. Protecsol 649l data sheet. See our Gerflor Country. Files are continually updated to ensure current standards are met and relevant Safety Data Sheet are 649l on site at each usage point at all times. Surface treatment - - Protecsol® 2 Protecsol® 2 Protecsol. Hazard statements Fatal if inhaled Causes protecsol data severe skin burns and data eye damage May cause respiratory irritation Revision Date 07- Apr- Version 3.

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Good working condition. Item tested or untested:. technical data sheets are given in title informative and no contractual. protective treatment PROTECSOL®, making it unnecessary to seal and polish the floor as part of a maintenance procedure, and classifying these products as low maintenance. A regular maintenance program is still essential to maximise the life span and appearance of the products. INITIAL MAINTENANCEINITIAL MAINTENANCE.

protecsol 649l data sheet

Manufacturer’ s data: Submit GERFLOR’ s product data for each type of finish, and the manufacturer’ s recommendations for its application in the project including the following, as appropriate: - Thickness and width of sheet or size of tile. - Adhesive and jointing method. - Resistance to wear, indentation, chemicals, light and fire.